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What is a Boho Mama?

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Who is a Boho Mama?

She is a woman who believes less is more. She wants a simple life for her family with less technology, more play, experiences over things, and connection with her children, family and motherhood community.

A Boho Mama encourages free expression, and encourages creativity and free thinking in her children. She aims to be relaxed and mindful, while also creating a safe and structured base for her family.

She aims to use less, waste less, embrace sustainability and come back to natural products and practices. She is a woman doing her beat and supporting those around her without judgment, and with love in her heart.

For me, she is the woman and mother who feels a deep connection with mother earth. It doesn’t matter how she dresses, what her home looks like, or the school her children attend. It is about how she is, and how she lives through her actions.

So mamas, trust in you. Live as you want, and find your tribe. Join the Boho Motherhood Facebook Group to discuss mother and womanhood with likeminded women, find support, and just share in the journey.

It takes a village.


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