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Three steps to bring peace to your day…

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Some days I feel like I am in a never ending cycle of laundry, sweeping the floor and washing up (and I hate washing up)… I manage to fit in a workout or yoga practice most days, as well as a short meditation, but lately I have noticed I can get into a mindset of hurrying when there really is no need to.

I usually notice I am living in this slightly frantic pace when doing something simple at an almost racing pace. And it is in those times I stop and practise these three techniques.


Sit down, close your eyes and slowly count backwards from 100. This works as it resets and clears your brain – how often do you count backwards from 100? It takes some concentration and by closing your eyes and slowing your breathing, it forces you to break with whatever energy and mental pattern you have been working with.

Connect with my heartbeat

Once I have finished the countdown I place my hand on my heart or wrist and tap into my heartbeat/pulse. You can also bring a mantra or affirmation into this practice. I like to work with: I have infinite time in my day. Don’t put a time limit on this, just sit with this practice until you feel ready to stop. It might be 1 minute, or it might be 10 – just listen to how you are feeling.

Indulge in a calm ritual

My calm ritual is a cup of tea on the couch on our deck, or colouring a mandala. I allow myself this time and do not rush. If Narayan is awake I bring his car playmat to where I am and hang out with him as I continue to rest – he is at an age now where he’s happy to play as long as he knows where I am (it’s a good age).

Just a little note on technology…

I love Instagram and Pinterest – a lot – but I have found if I keep my online time to two blocks each day I feel less hectic. There is something about social media that can leave you with a feeling that you need to ‘keep up’. I hear this from other mamas a lot, and I am not immune from it. The reality is you can’t be calm and present when your mind is wandering around online.

Comparison is the thief of joy, but it is also the thief of peace.



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