Aztec Clothing Co

Aztec Clothing Co

Aztec Clothing Co

Hand Embroidered Floral Dress

This beautiful kids dress is a traditional Mexican design from Oaxaca. The embroidery is all done by hand onto a cotton base. The vibrant colours and details on this dress make it a truly stunning item. This dress is a shin length design.

Blue Guayabera

Kids cotton shirt with details made using a traditional Mexican loom. A popular Mexican design from the East Coast — great for warmer climates and special occasions. 

Hand Embroidered Cushion

These cool, brightly coloured cushion covers are made by women in Chiapas, Mexico. All of the animals and intricate nature motifs are embroidered by hand onto a cotton base.  This means that each cushion is one of a kind. These look great in any kids room.